Rules of Thumb Every Pilot Should Know 

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runway-distance-remainingWhen to Abort a Takeoff: The 50/70 Rule

A general rule for GA aircraft is if you haven’t reached 70% of your takeoff speed by the time you’ve reached 50% of the length of the runway, you should abort your takeoff.

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Why do you need 70% of your takeoff speed by 50% of the runway? As you accelerate down the runway during takeoff, you start chewing up more feet of runway for every second you’re rolling down the pavement. If you haven’t achieved 70% of your takeoff speed by the time you’re halfway down the runway, you may not have enough pavement left to get to rotation speed and lift off.


The 1 in 60 Course Correction Rule

The 1 in 60 rule states that if you’re off course by 1NM after 60 miles flown, you have a 1 degree tracking error. Time to correct…

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    I thought of you when reading a book about Clemantine Paddleford, a food writer, flapper (1920’s) and as she was called “a badass lady pilot) she flew a piper cub. Her book is fascinating. Happy Holidays.

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        She has several I am doing a post with recipes from the flapper era and discovered her. She is fascinating

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