Lane Wallace: Finding a Voice Amidst the Threats & Fears

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Courtesy Chicago Tribune: Jan 21, 2017

“Occasionally, however, real-life events illustrate points I’m writing about. And seeing as I just finished a chapter, I’m taking a quick breather to note one such parallel before descending again into the depths.

One of the big questions I’m exploring in this book is how people find their “authentic” self and voice. (For those who haven’t read my previous posts, I define authentic voice as the expression of our most authentic selves: the most honest and important values, traits, feelings, beliefs, thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears we possess at our core.)  In my last post, I talked about the importance of curiosity in that process; that one way we discover what resonates strongly within us, and what must therefore be an important part of who we are, is by exploring the world and trying new things with an eye toward what draws us and sparks that resonance and passion.


That particular moment, in this case, was the election of Donald Trump. Suddenly, sparked by a realization of the potential threat he posed to how women were viewed, treated, protected by law, or even listened to, millions of women realized just how important the issues of women’s equality, rights, and legal protections were to them. Those issues were no longer abstract principles, well-established and “safe,” but concrete concerns … and concerns in serious danger of being lost. And in the clanging alarm bells that rang in the hearts, minds, and souls of women around the country and the world, many women discovered not just the clear, authentic sound of their inner voice, but the strength and power of an authentic voice released and transformed into action in the world.”

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