Sydney Metro Airport

Last year, this time, I was deep into planning my down under trip.

Wish I was headed there again during break…..

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Harbor Flight


I wasn’t really sure if I would make it this time too. The first time I was in Sydney, I had managed to call the Bankstown airport to determine if they would let me fly with a US license, which they did.  I hoped to make it there. How I didn’t know.  I never made it there.  Instead, I did a scenic helicopter flight.

Second time around, I didn’t even call them. I was travelling with a friend. My schedule was overbooked. There was no way I could squeeze in a day of flying.

Third times a charm, as they say.


I was more relaxed. My plans for Alice Springs fell through. And I knew, I was ripe for flying.

I checked the weather and planned the best weather day for my flight. Checking in with Sydney Flight Center, I realized, as expected, all aircraft and instructors were booked…

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  1. flylady33 June 20, 2017 / 12:19 am

    Sydney looks so beautiful. Wish I could go anywhere. Want to pick me up?

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