Four More Stamps

Time for some new stamps….

Fly 'n Things

Lately the weather has not been cooperative, at least not on weekends.

Weeks ahead, I had reserved an aircraft, and planned the flight to Hampton Roads. We had a good group of 4-5 aircraft with 10-12 people all set to go. Then the weather gods intervened with: “Thou shall not fly!”

The forecast was awful, more severe than what actually transpired on the day. But the damage was done.

As an after thought, I had reserved an aircraft for the following weekend as a back up plan. My weekends are typically consumed with school work. But,  I wanted to squeeze in a flight if I could, if not anything to stay current.  The forecast was looking good. I didn’t want to say it out aloud, lest I jinx myself.

Gert and I set off early, an hour later than planned but early to beat the heat. The highs on Saturday…

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