Rainbows in the Sky

Wish I was headed here ..

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Day 2 dawned sunny and clear, at least at Fort Pierce. To expedite our departure, we had submitted our EAPIS before breakfast and received email confirmation. After breakfast, we headed over to the airport. After filing our International flight plan over the radio, collecting our vests from the Airport Tiki (APP Jet Center), we departed second behind Bob and Rebecca,VFR to the east. BTW, according to Dave and Susan, we can now file the International flight plan in Foreflight, who recently updated the software to include the ICAO flight plan.

rainbow1We had no trouble opening our flight plan with Miami Radio and obtaining VFR flight following with Miami Center, as we climbed to our filed altitude of 5,500 ft. The real fun began 20 miles out: a layer of thick cumulonimbus clouds formed between us and the Bahamas. We climbed to 7,500 ft to get over them and continued forth…

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2 thoughts on “Rainbows in the Sky

  1. flylady33 February 4, 2018 / 9:14 pm

    What a trip. Wish I was a pilot so I could understand all the technical terms you used. I’m learning! I google terms to learn more. I’ll never be a pilot but thanks for letting me “fly with you” on your blog!

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    • flynthings February 5, 2018 / 9:37 pm

      Glad you are enjoying virtual flying with me. Right now, I am vicariously enjoying my past escapades too 🙂


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