Repost: Chasing Clouds

A novice instrument rated pilot’s first foray into clouds “

“Cherokee 456, do you have Watsonville information?”
“Negative,” I responded.
“Report back when you do,” said the NORCAL approach controller.

It was sunny, clear and beautiful where we were at 8,000 feet with breathtaking views of lush green hills, blue skies and the ocean in the distance.  I am not supposed to allude to seeing any of those as, theoretically, I was under the hood flying under simulated instrument conditions. Four aircraft had set out from San Luis Obispo Airport on our monthly flyout to Watsonville Airport for a $100 hamburger. The plan was to meet at 1:00 p.m. for lunch at Zuniga’s restaurant. It was a beautiful day for flying. The weather in San Luis Obispo was already clear, though low clouds and fog laced the coastline to the north. Monterey and Watsonville were expected to become progressively clearer by the time of our arrival.

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