Best of 2022

2022 promised to be the year to return to flight finally after a hiatus of more than 4 years. I originally was expecting to return in early 2020, but got waylaid an additional two years due to COVID-19 and all its variants still circulating around the globe.

Getting current presented numerous challenges not the least due to finding an aircraft, an instructor, and good weather, all at the same time. Although I had hoped to get this done in early spring, it took six months after several attempts of scheduling and cancellations. What with one flight school likely closing any time, and another with busy weekend schedules for aircraft/instructor availability, ultimately I had to adjust my schedule for some weekday sessions to complete my flight review. Happy to be current again!

Since my flight review, I have only flown once: a brief short flight to Hyde Field. Next up hope to tackle my instrument profiency check as I return to more regular flying. I did also finally complete my P107 Remote Pilot as well as the recreational certificate. Maybe there will also be some drone flying adventures in the future?

I did visit the National Mall Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and got a preview of the transformation happening to the galleries. Owing to construction and COVID-19, over the last two years the museum has been mostly closed. Starting in October, the museum has reopened with timed reservations until March 2023. The museum has truly transformed. Walking through the galleries made me feel like the museum had leapt 50 years forward from early days of flight in the early 1900s to the 1950s and beyond! Was exciting to see a full gallery dedicated to General Aviation.

The top three most visited posts this past year continue to be:

  1. GA Flying over Niagara Falls
  2. Flying to the Bahamas in a C172
  3. Point to Point Navigation

Interesting to see that the viewership of my Niagara Falls article was five times more than the Bahamas article which reigned at the top of the list until the Niagara Falls article was posted in 2016.

Pilot’s Flight Log for 2022: 7.5 hours.

Less than I hoped but here’s looking forward to more flying adventures in 2023.

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