The World’s Largest War Memorial is a Beautiful Road — Transportation History

September 19, 1919 Construction officially began on a major road along Australia’s southeastern coast. At the time, this region of the Australian state of Victoria was mostly accessible to the outside world only by sea. The building of the Great Ocean Road was seen as an opportunity to better connect isolated settlements in the area […]

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Taxibots in India — Indian Aviation Interviews

One of the supreme innovations in aviation industry Taxibot has got the permission from the DGCA. The Israel aerospace (IAI) has announced an agreement with KSU Aviation of India for use of taxibots. Taxibot is a semi-robotic vehicle to tow the aircraft with their engines shut from the parking bay to the runway. It will […]

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Words on Wednesdays: Just like that

“High wing, 1/2 mile SW from Fisk, rock your wings”
“Good rock, sir. Reaching Fisk, turn right heading 090, enter left base to Runway 36L.”
“High wing approaching Fisk be ready to turn now and monitor tower on 126.6.
Good Morning. Welcome to the show!”


It was right after our return from or during our very successful flight to The Bahamas, that Linda and I decided we were ready for another challenge: How about Oshkosh during AirVenture?

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Firebird—manned or unmanned by Burt Rutan — Travel for Aircraft

The last official design of Burt Rutan, Firebird is a medium range long endurance reconnaissance aircraft which one ben flown manned or unmanned. Flying since late 2012 it operates as many as four sensor systems in parallel with a crew of as many as two though unmanned as missions require. Endurance is 40+ hours […]

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