Book Reviews

A well written, gripping novel is hard to find. If the writing is good, the story less than compelling. Occasionally the story is riveting, but the writing mediocre or less savory.

A good book in my mind:

  • has lovable characters, to whom one can relate;
  • larger than life characters, to whom one can look up to;
  • premises and events, that are believable
  • characters and actions, that are to die for.
  • and most importantly the perfect literary talent

Good books are hard to find. Good authors, even more so. Unfortunately my two favorite authors are dead. I am still in search of my next favorite author.

Meanwhile, here are a few books that are worth reading, if you are interested in Aviation:

Flying South
Flight for Control
Fly Girl
13,600 ft: My Personal Hole in the Sky
Flight for Safety
Fifty Classic Destinations for Pilots
The Thinking Pilot’s Flight Manual
West with the Night
Flight to Success

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