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A View from the Flight Deck: Celebrating Aviation Day by Marisa Garcia | Flight Chic – Airline Industry News, Trends, Analysis In this guest post, writer Rida Khan explores the origins and meaning of Aviation Day in a conversation with Pilot Joao Claudio Roedel. In 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued a presidential proclamation which…

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I flew in the B757 from the right seat

One year ago….

Fly 'n Things

… hmm.. i.e. in a Simulator!

Even though the full motion controller was turned off (and I didn’t actually fly :-)), it was still neat to be in the right seat, and watch the aircraft fly an approach into Denver International Airport with precision. An RNP Approach, at that, which I will never be able to fly in the C172 🙂

A Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedure is an advanced Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedure that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation with additional on board monitoring and alerting. To fly one of these procedures it is necessary for both the aircraft and aircrew to be certified to fly. RNP approaches enable precise 3-D paths in congested or noise sensitive airspace, and through difficult terrain. In addition, they provide stabilized and fuel efficient approaches, for aircraft and aircrew certified to fly.


The RNP approach to runway 34L into KDEN provides…

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Temporary Restricted Areas

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Have you heard about the new Temporary Restricted Areas (TRA) that the FAA plans to implement?

According to Dan Namowitz of AOPA:

The FAA has published a final rule establishing three temporary restricted areas near Twentynine Palms, California, in support of a large-scale Marine Corps exercise scheduled for Aug. 7 to 26.

Twentynine Palms temporary special-use airspace. Graphic courtesy of U.S. Marine Corps.

AOPA has long objected to the use of temporary restricted areas to support military exercises, and has called for a moratorium on their use, noting that this temporary airspace is uncharted and creates an unacceptable flight hazard to general aviation pilots.

Also, the publications pilots customarily consult for flight-safety information do not describe the rarely used temporary special-use airspace, creating a gap in pilots’ ability to assess a flight’s risk.

“Notably, temporary restricted areas have not been used in 20 years,” said Rune Duke, AOPA director of airspace and air traffic.

The NOTAM issued for the temporary restricted areas will use the key word “tempo” and will not include a description of where a pilot may find the airspace. The temporary airspace will be graphically depicted on the FAA’s special-use airspace website, and in the Notices to Airmen Publication.

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Yes! Finals are over!

See you in 2018!

It’s Final’s Week… Almost!

On the positive side… Finals are almost here!

If I make it through this and next

I ‘ll be out in Daytona for  Residency III.

Fly 'n Things

Believe it or not…. I survived the first year of the PhD program.Almost.


If I make it through this week.


True I might not have a life. I have ignored family and friends.But what an extraordinary adventure.


I have been adjusting my adventures, to include more fun flying, hiking with coworkers, and interaction with friends.Sneaking away for a two week adventure down under, one of those weeks spent exploring New Zealand with my sister.

And one revisiting old stomping grounds in my favorite city: Sydney!


It’s all good. Soon I will be out in Daytona for Residency II.


One day I will have a life.


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ATC Privatization

Every few years over the last decade or so, administrations from both parties have periodically called for the privatization of Air Traffic Control. “Assurances” are usually given that this will only affect large, heavy aircraft and that small GA airplanes will continue to fly and utilize ATC services for free like they do now. (Actually, […]

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It’s OSH Time!

No OSH this year too 😦
But countdown begins!

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In case you wondered…

It is 16 days away…. and I unfortunately can’t make it.  Not this year and definitely not next year, but after that,  anything is possible!

I’ve lost track of how many times I have visited Airventure since I got my private license. You can read all about it here (at least all the times I blogged about it):

Oshkosh, Nothing like it!!!!

There is absolutely nothing like it!

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