Aerobatics 1: Spins, Loops and Hammerheads

I’ve always wanted to try some aerobatics flying. There was a time after I got my private pilot rating that I actively pursued it, to obtain my tailwheel rating the first time and during my first ever aerobatics flight. and tried to schedule a training flight at the Tucker School of Aerobatics in King City, CA. While that didn’t quite work out…

I finally, had my first session recently, officially with backup parachutes and all 🙂

And. It was awesome!

Hee Haw…Great Balls of Fire!


Slow down to 1400 rpm, pull back on the stick to stall. Hard rudder, left or right, depending on which direction you want to spin. Pull back on the stick for one complete turn, before applying opposite rudder to get out of the spin!


From 2300 rpm, push the stick down till 140 knots, then pull back. Full throttle, loop all the way around. First the sky… then the ground, or the river or maybe the ocean. Reduce power. Apply rudder as needed and level off once the loop is complete. Hurrah!


From 2300 rpm, push the stick down till 140 knots, then pull back until 60 knots. Aileron and full opposite rudder to rotate about the yaw axis. Recover with opposite rudder.

goneflying4Aerobatics! It can be addictive!

Stay tuned for my next lesson… this is just the beginning!

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