Welcome Home Atlantis

— Carl Sagan

Last June, when NASA finally retired Atlantis, it found it’s home at Kennedy Space Center. There is a fun and interactive Atlantis exhibit at KSC. The exhibit is entered in layers. After watching a video on the origin and history of the Space Shuttle Program, visitors finally come face to face with Atlantis, suspended high above the ground, portrayed as if suspended in orbit with payload bay windows open as if in mid mission. Atlantis, dominates the multi-story complex providing views from different angles. The exhibit also includes a motion flight simulator experience, and many hands-on exhibits for kids.



Atlantis: Final Flight

Atlantis: Final Flight

End of  an Era 

Tomorrow marks the end of an era: the final flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and  the 135th and last mission of the NASA space shuttle program.

A lot of us grew up with the space shuttle program, yearning and dreaming to reach the stars. The space shuttle and the space science programs inspired many a student to pursue higher education in aeronautical and aerospace sciences. There was the HABET  (high altitude balloon experiments in technology)  program at Iowa State University in the Space Systems and Controls Lab or the CUBESAT program at CalPoly: an innovative program wholly run by students to design, construct, test, launch, and operate miniature satellites for space research. It was a time of great inspiration. I still remember all those years of getting the applications for the astronaut program that never made it to NASA.

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