Book Review: Flight To Success

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I originally intended to keep the Wednesday slot for book reviews and pondering on ideas and thoughts about my progress with writing my  first fictional novel, which has been in progress for a while now. But time flies.

Secrets of Success

It was while reading, Karlene’s new book: Flight To Success and especially her chapter on Habit, I started to think – that is what I need to create: a daily habit to sit down and write. It is already May and I need to get cracking if I want to finish my book this year:-)

Then there is the chapter on Identity and the best quote from there is: This is your life. Own it! How very true. Most people are obsessed with what others might think or want, rather than what they want or are confused with what they want. Thoreau said “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”  Don’t be that person, instead to quote Dr Seuss (as quoted in the book): “Be what you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

The book covers examples from real life and other events to inspire the reader to pursue his or her dreams, to become the person they were destined to become. Starting out with overcoming fear, to identify oneself, to set goals, to manage time and create habits to achieve those goals, to seek the truth about oneself, and to never miss opportunities, it attempts to inspire and galvanize the reader to be more an active participant in his or her life, to develop strategies, build on one’s strengths, focus, evaluate, build confidence, and be committed to achieve life’s successes.

I’ve never been an avid reader of motivation books. People inspire me. Innovation and technologies inspire me. Actions inspire me. Inspiration to me, always comes from within foremost. So I was slow to acquire this book and slow to read it. There is some insightful advice in the book. If motivational books reach out to you, then this one might definitely move you.

Flight to Success is the third book by Karlene Pettit. Her first two books were fictional and you can read my reviews : Flight for Control and Flight for Safety.

You can purchase this book on the author’s website or on Amazon among others in Kindle, Hardback and paperback editions.

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