Some Interesting Statistics

As 2016 winds down, here are some fun stats. I do maintain a cooking blog, although my flying blog is my primary blog.

I have been blogging since 2001 in other sites such as yahoo, geocities and blogspot. I moved my blog to WordPress sometime in 2010 with 30 prior posts.


It wasn’t until some time in late 2012, that WordPress started to track visitor statistics. It wasn’t also unitl 2012-2013 that I increased the frequency of posts. So it is reasonable that as the frequency of posts increased, the number of views increased, steeply initially, more gradually this past year.

The top 5 countries from which the visitors viewed the posts, with the majority of them (~82% from USA):


Here are the top 5 posts/pages  that were visited in 2016:

Flying to the Bahamas in the C172The Bahamas
The Bahamas
Point-to-point Navigation
Indian Woman Pilots
$500 Vegeburger

Fly’n Things

If you ever wondered why I named my blog flynthings, I hope this post answers it : I am crazy about all things related to flying.

What do women pilots, analysts, economists, researchers and other staff do in their spare time?

Every time I visit Oshkosh I love to scour the fly mart for cool aviation themed stuff: such as my very cool airplane shaped cutting board, or my newly acquired potholders, I’ll rather be flying license plate, or key chain ring. Not to mention my airplane fork, airplane earrings, bracelet, locket, pin, letter opener and so much more.
bitsandpiecesEvery time I visit an Airport Shop I love to buy aviation themed things.

There are many online stores such as Sporty’s, AvShop, Airport Shoppe and possibly several others where you can find not only useful tools and gadgets to aid a pilot, but also cool aviation themed things: license plates, key rings, jewelery, t-shirts, aprons, sweatshirts, decorative arts such as pens, pen knifes, pen holders, stained glass decorative arts, paintings (original and re-prints), clocks and so much more.

photo(17)The last year or so, I have been involved with a small group at work where we meet and learn new things. Be it quilting or knitting. This year, we have found and started a cool new project: airplane themed quilting projects as part of our annual CFC fundraising: iPad covers, potholders, aprons and so much more.

photo(18)What do women pilots, analysts, economists, researchers and other staff do in their spare time?
Make cool aviation themed fun stuff 🙂

This year, I am learning to make cool flynthings that I normally scour the web to buy online, or in Aviation Shoppes, or in Oshkosh.