Earth Rise

Happy Earth Day

Sunday is Earth Day!


Courtesy: William Anders, NASA

The final decision on who took this historic photograph was decided finally this past January.

Happy Earth Day 2018!


SFO Fleet Week

Fresh on Friday: Picture of the Week #3

While I’ve watched Fleet week from land, watching the Navy Blue Angels from a boat in the San Francisco Bay with the Southwest Section 99s (SWS99s) during fleet week was a whole different experience!

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Almost Bare

Fresh on Friday: Fall in DC (POTW #2)

FallInDCChill is in the air
The leaves are almost gone…
Before we know it, all this might be covered with snow,
But on the other hand, it mightn’t.
But like clockwork come spring, the cherry blossoms will return
Come spring, the green leaves will return
They all will eventually turn into splendorous colors and fall again.
And so, the cycle repeats. Year after year!

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