My Ten Favorite Flights

Flying is everything to me. After every new adventure, I start thinking and planning for the next one 🙂

There are some adventures, that are so out of this world, that I don’t mind repeating them… again and again!

Some time ago, I posted my Favorite Destinations!

Here are the latest ten of my favorite destinations, that I have done at least twice, if not more, so far!

#10: Monterey

#9: Santa Barbara

#8: Half Moon Bay

#7: Tangier Island


#6 Kill Devil Hills


#5: Key West


#4: SFO: Up Close & Personal


#3: NY Hudson River Corridor

Circling the Lady

#2: Bahamas


#1: Oshkosh


And, I will very likely do them again 🙂




Favorite Destination

Is there a favorite destination you love to repeat over and over again…

IMG_0589When the destination doesn’t matter, and it is all about the journey? Or maybe the destination is so complete, that it justifies the journey?

SouthermostPoint2Or sometimes, the journey or the destination is the least of your concern. They are only,the means to an end: the Joy of Flying?

exumas4There are a few destinations that come to mind… destinations I have flown repeatedly without question…


  • San Francisco Bay Tour, CA
  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • Santa Ynez, CA
  • Watsonville, CA
  • Monterrey, CA
  • Catalina Island, CA
  • Bahamas, The Bahamas
  • Tangier Island, VA
  • New York Hudson River, NY
  • Kitty Hawk, NC
  • Oshkosh, WI
  • Napa, CA
  • Key West, FL


These are just a few that come to mind….

Catalina091104-0032There are many others I hope to make….what is your favorite destination?

Weather and me

Everyone have their demons.

Some people are afraid of flying.  They rather prefer to drive, stuck in traffic for hours than get on an aircraft. Period. There is  SOAR,  fear of flying program that includes DVDs for people with fear of flying. The term used to describe this is Aviophobia.

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New York, NY

Flying the Hudson River Corridor Exclusion

“First will be xxxx aircraft, then John in xxxx will follow on and next will be…” continued Bob from our flight school, who had planned the whole flyout to the last minute detail.

I wondered how in the world we were going to keep the order straight leave alone spot the aircraft in front of us. Countless times ATC gives traffic warnings routinely. Only on a rare occasion am I ever able to spot the traffic. Often, I rely on ATC to tell me that I was clear of the traffic or to provide me deviations to avoid the traffic.

Maybe it will all work out, I thought.

Being on a C172 and in no hurry to exit the Hudson river corridor, I and my passengers opted to fly second last.

Bob in the Cougar was planning to fly last.
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