If your mind jumps to the green thing that grows in your garden, then I am happy to note I am not alone in making that connection. MOS stands for Model Output Statistics that ForeFlight added recently in addition to Synthetic Vision. MOS is derived from weather prediction models and run by researchers at NOAA. Although MOS has been around for a long time, only recently it has seen use in aviation industry
Courtesy: ForeFlight

I typically hibernate in winter and lately my flying has been reduced to zero. Although we had planned a few VA stamp collecting, the trips were either canceled due to low ceilings, rain, winds, snow or other weather related factors. Sometimes it is a bummer to be an aircraft renter, since I need to plan well in advance to reserve an aircraft all day. And if a flight pushed to the next day, chance of procuring an aircraft for a full day is almost impossible especially a C172.

Having done most of my in California until recently, I am still a wuss when it comes to winter flying. Temperatures in the 30’s or below means preheating the engine and worst of all to clear the aircraft surfaces of frost. And attempting to land at airports and taxiing on taxiways at small generally aviation airports is tricky. Not all taxiways are cleared and seeing piled up snow always unsettles me.

snf19Here is a fun site I came across recently that provides an excellent graphical view of winds, temperature, pressure, and humidity around the world from surface to high altitudes. It includes forecast weather for winds, precipitation and temperature, links to a website with 14-day forecast weather site, and links to webcams if available for the location.