Women of NTSB

By Robert L. Sumwalt As Women’s History Month draws to a close, we at the NTSB reflect on the thousands of women who have made a profound impact on transportation—at the NTSB and in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. The contributions women have made to advance transportation safety, currently and throughout America’s history, are immeasurable […]

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Women of Aviation Week 2017

In 5 days, Women of Aviation Worldwide Week (#WOAW17) kicks off.

March is Women in History month and also Women of Aviation month. Many events are organized across the globe.

Get involved!

Here are a few key events:

The Women in Aviation Conference kicks of March 2nd – March 4th in Lake Buena Vista, FL.
The Smithsonian Women in Aviation and Family Day is March 18th, 2017
The Fly it Forward event runs March 6th – March 12th, 2017

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