First Solo

I posted this 10 years ago.. but it happened more than 16 years ago 🙂

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Lights. Camera. Action!
That’s how I always remembered it. Strobes. Throttle. Transponder. No pounding heart, sweaty palms or shaky legs as I raced down the runway, applying a little right rudder to maintain center line, eyes glued to the airspeed indicator. Atleast not yet.

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NTSB UAS Program

By Bill English Throughout its history, the NTSB has prided itself on staying on the cutting edge of transportation technology. One of the most revolutionary changes ever to come about in aviation is the recent explosive growth—in number and capability—of unmanned aircraft systems (UASs), or drones. Last year, the number of registered UASs exceeded the […]

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The 7 hardest parts about becoming a private pilot

Everyone knows that crosswind landings are usually challenging for student pilots. But beyond landings (and money!), there’s a lot about learning to fly that can be pretty tough. Here’s what you should be ready for. The 7 Hardest Parts About Becoming A Private Pilot By Swayne Martin Everyone knows that crosswind landings are usually challenging […]

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Name the Airport Game #15: Where am I?



Answer: Charolettsville, VA (KCHO)

Solo Again

I do enjoy Solo Flying… One of these days I hope to afford this again…

Fly 'n Things

A trip down memory lane

It was a cold winter day- sunny, but cold. The preflight briefer warned that it was going to be clear, but cold, with headwinds all the way up the Sacramento Valley. Lower is better he reiterated. Decision time was nearing. Go or no go? It has been so long since I had flown alone, I racked my brain to remember when last I had flown solo. Since getting my instrument rating, I have always had another pilot along, so I could fly an approach and stay instrument current. This flight though had to be done solo.

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IFR: I fly roads – low and slow

‘O Santa Maria…

Fly 'n Things

Our original plan was to fly to Cat Island or Crooked Island for that $500  ham (vege) burger, walk on the beach, then loop over the southern islands of the Bahamas on day 3. Although there are 29 islands, and a total of 57 airports in the Bahamas, very few of them are monitored or have a cafe on the field.

It had rained a little the night before. The day dawned a little cloudy but there was no doubt it would clear up and it was going to be another gorgeous day in paradise.  This was going to be the only day, we would have time to explore the islands from the ground.


During breakfast, Linda and I changed our plans yet again and opted to rent a car instead of flying. Just as we were finishing the transaction and getting all the details on where to stop and…

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