Sun ‘n Fun

I made it to my first ever Sun ‘n Fun this year (2014). For a change, weather in the Mid-Atlantic was perfect for flying and we departed right on schedule and arrived at Leesburg International Airport a little after 4:00 pm for a rendezvous with our group. The others were already there waiting for the planned group departure.

snf9As always we planned some new stops along the way and during our return. This trips stops included:

Berkeley County Airport (MKS) (-) (Courtesy Car)
Leesburg International Airport (KLEE) (-)(Courtesy Car)
Lakeland  Linder Regional Airport (KLAL)
Marboro County Jetport (BBP)(-) (Note:FBO closes at 5:00pm, no self serve fuel!)

snf21See the complete report on this adventure here:
Yikes! I Almost Stalled Over Lakeland
Reflections on Lake Parker Arrival

Sun ‘n Fun
Sun ‘n Fun NOTAM

Sun ‘n Fun is a smaller affair than Airventure. Unfortunately due to impending weather we returned a day earlier than planned. Runways and Flight line are not nicely aligned at Lakeland as at Oshkosh. General Aviation Camping is at the opposite end of Runway 27. We tentatively planned to watch the night airshow from our campsite, but unfortunately, we departed sooner than planned so didn’t have a chance to determine if that was a good choice.


A few tips for Sun ‘n Fun Flyin:

  • If you are vegetarian like me, food might still be a problem.
  • Don’t forget to carry toilet seat covers, sunscreen, and maybe mosquito repellant, if it rains a lot, as well as tie downs!
  • Unlike Oshkosh, aircraft parking is far away from the flight line and airshow, so you can’t expect some shade under a wing to watch your airshow like at Oshkosh.
  • And did I mention, don’t forget the sunscreen or the large brim hat?

After all it is Florida, and temperatures might hit upper 80’s!


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