We will never forget!

As I started to write this, I was struck by the enormity of what happened on September 11,  2001. It is more than a month now, yet those atrocious attacks remain fresh in my mind like yesterday. What happened there must never be allowed to happen again, not here nor anywhere else  in the world. Much more than peoples lives was lost that day. It is upto each one of us to contribute in our own ways to rebuild the future. As aviators it is important now more than ever, to come out and fly to promote the cause of the future of General Aviation.

This is my first month as editor to the Slipstream. Much has changed in the format. I have tried to include information available to me at the time of writing. In addition to providing information specific to the Ninety Nines chapter, it is my intention to provide general aviation related news that would be of interest to all of us.

As we attempt to return to normalcy, here is an update of the most current aviation news:

  • Runway 29 extension completed at San Luis Obispo Airport. Come check it out!
  • Most GA flying has resumed, except the special restrictions for flight over class B and other military, government and public gatherings . As of 19th Oct, atleast 15 Class B areas have been opened up for VFR flight. More are expected next week. San Francisco and LA are not included in this first round of areas open to VFR flight.
  • Get a full briefing from a preflight briefer before each flight to ensure you are familiar with all the special operations, temporary flight restrictions, intercept procedures and relocations procedures. A good site to visit is the AOPA website at http://www.aopa.org.
  • Aeroplanner provides online flight planning which provides information about special restrictions applicable to your route. Check out their site at http://www.aeroplanner.com.

This appeared in the November 2001 issue of The Slipstream.

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