Words on Wednesdays: From AAA to FLY

Fun with Airports: Part 1

It’s been a while since my Pilot Speak series.


The idea for this post came from a related email from the 99s mailing list when a member submitted this:

if you were to fly from Wenatchee, WA  to  St. Petersburg, FL, your three
letter identifier route would be  EAT  PIE. 

In the past I have posted some entries on similar topics. It has been a while, since I posted another. So here goes 🙂

Did you know you have to travel 969 nm from ABE to LNK?

Or you are an AAS and a FUL to travel 1,604nm?

Or you are a BAD AAS, when you travel 504nm?

Don’t be a CAD and EAT in less than 1,460nm.

Or be FIT to FLY in less than 1,502nm.

Or GAG and GAS in less than 852nm.

In fact,

I would kick AAS, be an airport BUM, CON everyone, DAB in everything, EAT exorbitantly, FLY everyday, GAD often, HUM forever, and put down in INK and JOT all for eternity!

Stay tuned for more  fun with airports!

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